Top 20 Business Apps in 2015


  1. Asana – this app will help any business manage your work load
  2. InDienero – helps any business manage their cash flow to manage on a day to day basis
  3. Square – allows customers to pay through their iPhone or tablets from their credit or debit cards
  4. Espensfy – can keep track of your businesses expenses including mileage. It can also let you scan and upload receipts. Users can file receipts and submit the expense reports to employers with just a click of a button on the app
  5. LocalVox – allows basic businesses to build their presence in the online world
  6. Tripit – allows businesses that send their employees all around the world to keep track of all the information on one app so they don’t forget anything they will be talking about in the meeting or where the meeting is actually taking place. This app can also gather weather updates, maps and directions for the user whilst on the move
  7. Bump – this app allows you to trade business cards, photos, files and information automatically onto another colleague’s phone or tablet (like Evernote)
  8. FormMobi – this app is a virtual clipboard that allows you to evenly distribute date on your mobile or tablet. You can also fill forms on the go, record audio, take pictures and collect signatures
  9. Google Drive – allows you to edit files on your PC, tablet or mobile device. Also can store files as it acts as a cloud drive. Google Drive gives you 5GB FREE storage.
  10. Evernote – turns physical business cards into searchable notes through Evernote enhanced with information from LinkedIn
  11. Elevate – Brain Training: This app is designed to train your brain, keep you focused at work, improves speaking skills, processes speed, memory, math skills and much more.
  12. CloudOn –  is an app designed for all business persons to be able to view, send and share their Microsoft documents will their colleagues on their mobile devices.
  13. ScribbleBoard – For all you visual learners out there, Scribble Board is a great app if you want to explain something complicated through a picture instead of using a long text message/email.
  14. Post-it-Plus – There’s a brand new app that’s just dropped into the app store. This FREE download is called Post-it-Plus, it quickly captures your ideas so you can share your thoughts. So ‘Stick’ to your deadlines with Post-it-Plus.
  15. HR Online – this app is great for businesses. It is FREE to download. HR can now manage every employee’s holidays, sickness and lateness through the HR online app.
  16. Do – is a list making and task managing app which has unique features that includes time, date and geolocation reminder. This app will be useful for all everybody that likes to jot down their plans and meetings all in one place.
  17. Feedly – is an RSS feed that allows users to search for certain topics they want to read about or keep an eye on your competition. It can include social media feeds, YouTube videos, new sites and blogs.
  18. Google Maps – this app is useful for anybody to have downloaded on either their phones or tablets. If you’re looking for a certain venue or business meeting, Google Maps can direct you to the place you need to be at. It also tells you how long it will take you to get their form where ever you are, either by car, public transport or if you’re walking. It also can inform you on which route is best to take if there is traffic on the main route.
  19. QuizUp – this app is a trivial game with an impressive array of more than 250 quiz topics, which amount to 150,000 questions. Play against strangers, friends, family or even your colleagues on the way to a very important business meeting.
  20. Calm – is an app which can help you meditate, relax, sleep, focus and many more. This app is ideal if you’re day in the office is a struggle.

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