Are you a Stationery Addict? #SignsYou’reAStationeryAddict

Can you relate to any of the below? Or do you tick all the boxes and accept that stationery is just your thing.

  1. You swoon over the smell of freshly sharpened pencils
  2. You own a collection of cute erasers
  3. You love to display pens in every colour of the rainbow
  4. There is something amazing about the smell of erasers
  5. You go shopping for the perfect pencil case
  6. You organise pens in different pen holders on your desk to their style, colour, preference
  7. You have a system of writing down your notes in the vast range of different coloured pens
  8. Owning pens/pencils with dangling charms
  9. Having a collection funky stickers/stamps
  10. Hoarding stationery from a show/meeting
  11. You have subscribed, followed and liked every stationery page on every social media site
  12. Staff at the stationery shops know your name
  13. Always saying you need new stationery every day of the week if one of your pens is running out
  14. Your colleagues always buy you stationery for your birthday or Christmas present every year
  15. All of your pens have ‘sass’
  16. You have a note book for each separate task/project
  17. You’re unable to focus on work unless you have post it notes with tasks on them stuck to your computer screen
  18. Using all your colourful pens to highlight important work when it could all be done in just one colour
  19. You get excited about multipack assorted highlighters
  20. You feel at ease after filling your stapler with staples
  21. You generally freak out if you lose or somebody else uses your favourite pen
  22. You never buy a basic range of stationery products – it always has to be branded
  23. Regular doodling of random things

Come to think of it anything to do with stationery just makes your day a whole lot better!

Let us know how you got on, we’d love to know if you understand stationery as much as we do.


Visit for all your stationery fixes!


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