New CLP regulation


From the 1st June 2015 there will be a new regulation put into place. This will only apply to the legislation for classification and labelling of substances and mixtures.

The classification, labelling and packaging regulation requires that companies provide symbols on all of their products with the correct hazardous symbol before they are sent out to be sold.

By law you have to use these symbols on chemical bottles or packaging to ensure that it is made clear what the product can cause if it is used in an inappropriate way. They will determine whether the products are explosive, oxidising, highly or extremely flammable, toxic, harmful, irritant, corrosive or dangerous towards the environment.

The harmful symbol has been replaced by an exclamation mark pictogram. This will refer to a less serious hazard such as a skin irritancy.

As well as the old CHIP symbols being replaced there has also been two new symbols added to the CLP legislation.

This symbol of a person has been introduced to reflect serious long term health hazards acting as carcinogenicity or respiratory sensitisationhuman-healthThis picogram symbol represents a bottle of ‘gas under pressure’


If you receive chemicals that still have the old CHIP labelling on the product or packaging then you shouldn’t be concerned. Products that still have the old CHIP symbols on can still be used as long as the new safety data sheets (SDS) are downloaded and can be seen clearly within your working enviroment. There will be a 2 year grace period for the new CLP legislation to come into full affect but all manufacturers must provide newly labelled substances from the 1st June 2015.

As the pictograms are changing it doesn’t mean that the products have changed, they will still be the same but just with different CLP pictograms on the product and its packaging to ensure you are correctly informed what type of substance it is and how harmful it is.

Furthermore, products that may not have had a symbol on the packaging or bottle before may now have one of the new pictograms on them to indicate that they may now be classified as hazardous.

You should check that the personal protective equipment that you are recommended to wear when dealing with hazardous chemicals may have changed due to the new CLP legislation. The protective eyewear, gloves and aprons may have been improved for your protection.


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