Are you an unorganised person?


When organising items and documents which you use on a day to day basis you should ensure you efficiently sort them into folders. If you sort everything into categories then you will save time looking for lost files and documents or fishing through all your emails from months ago just to track down one email.

Saving your documents and files will be easier if you save all of your files in one place rather than changing from different devices or areas. By doing so you can save hours of your time if you just spend 10 minutes sorting through everything and putting it all in an easy place to find, resulting in reducing your stress levels as well as increasing your productivity.

Did you know that the average office worker spends 50 minutes a day looking for lost files and other items.

Being unorganised can also stop you from missing deadlines and appointments. If you lose on important email or you haven’t filed it away then it could take up a lot of your time trying to remember either where you put it. Once you start to organise everything it will help you to avoid mistakes and will allow you to do all of your jobs correctly and with fewer errors.

Organisation isn’t just about being tidy, it’s also about being safe. If your co-workers leave out of date food in the fridge for weeks on end, the place where you put your packed lunch could be contaminated and manifested with all types of bacteria. Leaving out of date food in a fridge which is used on a daily basis can make you become very ill.  You will start to become ill as old, rotting foods harbour dangerous and deadly micro-organisms. To ensure nothing causes illness and unnecessary sick days which can be prevented within your workplace, put somebody in charge of dealing with the cleanliness of the fridge and surfaces within the kitchen to ensure everything is clean and safe, especially when food will be prepared daily.

If you work in a chaotic working environment then that can prevent efficiency. You’re working environment needs to be organised well to be able to be productive in what you do. You’ll find that if your workstation is organised and all your office equipment is where it needs to be then this will reduce work-related stress and will save time. When you establish an efficient workplace, you will then start to gain structure. This will then force employees to accomplish more tasks than if their work area wasn’t organised.

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