Is your poor posture causing you health problems?

Did you know that a desk job can be hazardous to your health? Sitting down too much during the day can play havoc with your back. Instead of sitting down all day, you should considering altering standing and sitting throughout your day at work. But whilst you’re seated, make sure that you are doing all you can to ensure the health of your spine.


There are many ways to improve your posture at work, you should purchase an ergonomic office chair. They are far better than the bog standard chairs you see for sale on ecommerce sites such as eBay or Amazon. These specific office chairs are designed to keep your back in an upright position which will ensure no lasting damage is caused to your back when slumping down in your chair for more than 8 hours a day.

The application of ergonomics in your workplace will make the environment more comfortable for all employees, which will boost the productivity and reducing stress on both employees and the employer.

If you’re suffering for back pain or health problems then altering your routine at work will improve your health and movement at work considerably. Ergonomic chairs will promote posture, comfort and movement improving the way you sit at your desk.

There are 8 seating adjustments that these chairs can have these include:

  1. Back rake adjustment –The back rake adjustment feature on these type of office chairs can enable closer contact and support to the user when working in an office environment
  2. Back height adjustment –This allows the user to adjust the height to provide the correct back support
  3. Seat depth adjustment –By using this feature it will let the user adjust the depth of the seat to ensure their legs are fully supported
  4. Seat height adjustment –These chairs either have a gas lift or a manual lift in them to enable the user to raise or lower the chair ensuring the user can place their feet on the ground flat
  5. Synchronic adjustment- This feature can help the posture of the users back enabling them to tilt the back of the chair at a 2:1 ratio and being able to lock it in any position they feel comfortable in
  6. Asynchrony adjustment –The seat and back can be adjusted manually and be locked in any position. It can also be tilted quite far forward which is ideal for PC work, saving you to bend forward
  7. Knee tilt adjustment –These chairs can be tilted from pivot points at the front of the chair relieving pressure on the users knees
  8. Lock tilt adjustment –The lock feature on asynchrony chairs can be locked in various positions throughout tilt range

After making all observations, you ultimately decide that you need a new office chair. Ergonomic products don’t just include chairs, they also include; Footrests, mesh backrests, monitor riser, memory foam keyboard rest and memory foam mouse wrist rest.

When you find yourself looking for a new office chair, you’ll need to consider factors stated above and what better place to look for your new office than ourselves, Office Supplies Now.

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