Backing up your files and documents is very important, you shouldn’t just do it today you should do it every day to eliminate the chance of miss placing or losing files you urgently need.

People mainly back up on external storage devices or on the internet. You can back up anything from important emails, family photos, files, documents, assignments and many more. Don’t just back them up onto your computer, use other storage device like hard drives, CD’s, memory sticks or even websites online which allow you to store a certain amount of gigabyte. Sites such as Dropbox and Google Drive allow you to store 5GB of storage. You can do this from your phone through their mobile app which is ideal for those who don’t own a laptop or compute at home.

If you haven’t backup your data in a while and need a new form of storage then visit Office Supplies Now today. We supply a whole range of quality products suiting all of your needs – http://bit.ly/1CsA5E0

Losing your files is more common than you actually think. If you’ve lost your phone or tablet and haven’t backed up all your pictures and cuss yourself ever since, well today is the day you back up possibly everything you have stored on either your computer, laptop, tablet and phone to ensure you never lose anything ever again.

Facts and excuses for backing up data:

  1. 30% of people have never backup in their life.
  2. Did you know that 113 phones are lost each minute within the UK.
  3. 29% of people delete files by accident
  4. 1 in 10 computers are infected with viruses each month
  5. “Too busy to back up my computer”
  6. “I don’t know how to back up data”
  7. “My computer doesn’t crash so there is no need to backup anything”

Visit Office Supplies Now today.

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