Distractions at work

There are many things that will distract you whilst you’re at work. Like your phone or when somebody has refilled the biscuit tin supply. You’ll never be able to keep full focus when you have things on your mind.

You need to keep hydrated when you’re at work to avoid a drop in concentrate levels, it will be harder to concentrate on your work if you aren’t keeping your fluids up. Water is the best source of hydration, it keeps you alert and keeps your brain ticking over until lunch time. You should avoid caffeinate drinks such as tea, coffee and any fizzy drinks as caffeine dehydrates you even though it is proven to keep you alert. If you find that coffee is the only drink that stops you from dozing off at your desk to make sure you have a glass of water on your desk to keep your fluids up.

If you think personal electronics draw you in, you’re not alone. You might have a problem if you waste time without even realising. You may even feel naked without your phone or have the feeling that you’ve lost it if it isn’t in your hand every minute of the day. Feeling as though you constantly have to be on your phone, relying on the virtual world to relieve the stress of the real one is one reason why you won’t preform as well if you didn’t constantly have your head stuck in your phone. If you turn your phone off and leave it in your bag or your car all day then you won’t feel the need to tap into your social life whilst you’re supposed to be working. If you urgently think somebody is going to need to contact you inside work hours then make sure you give your works phone number to all of your family members that may need to contact you at work. This insures you will not feel the need to check your text messages and social media sites every five minutes.


If you’re distracted on a regular basis it may not be because of your phone at all, it could be your noisy co-workers who will do anything to interrupt your flow of work. If you sit next to or by a chatter box see if your employer will let your move as you can’t concentrate on your work.

Being the social butterfly in the office can also have an effect on your productivity at work. You out of all people will get more distracted than anybody else in the office. You will constantly be interrupted by telephone calls or having a quick unnecessary natter in the corridor with a colleague, effecting your productivity and concentration levels to drop dramatically.

By listening to music through your headphones can also block out all distractions within your work place. Music is said to be calming and allows you to focus on the hardest of tasks you may face every day at work.

Room temperature can also distract you, it can have an influence on your productivity throughout your day at work. Make sure that your sitting in a room that you’re comfortable sitting in. You don’t want to be sweating all day or shivering to the point you are unable to type on your keyboard.

Tech intrusion is also one of the main reasons for people to get distracted. Yes, you guessed it – the internet. If you work on your computer all day you are inevitably going to use the internet at some point of the day whether it is work related or just looking at the top 10 news reports of the day it’s going to distract you from completing your work on time.

The design of office workstations is often linked to health, comfort, and productivity in the workplace. Chairs that are not adjustable and desks that are too small can cause sore backs and contribute to carpal tunnel syndrome.

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