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If you find that your bin under your desk is full of rubbish and paper by the middle of the week then maybe it’s time you started to recycle in your office. It’s simple and easy to do and doesn’t take much of your time up. You can purchase Green Warehouse uBin’s from Office Supplies Now which will fit into any sized office environment. You can buy these bins from us with stickers available to indicate which bin is for what recycling purpose. Recycling

In Rochdale there are many recycling centres that will let you take all your rubbish to for nothing at all:

By recycling your waste from your office it will have major benefits in doing so. It can improve your business image. If your customers see that you’re recycling on your premises this will improve your reputation with them.

As we all know reducing and reusing waste will cut both your companies purchase and disposal costs and recycling in your office can lower your disposal costs. In offices there are many products we all use on a day to day basis that can be recycled such as: Paper, cardboard, glass, plastic cups, furniture, wood, ink toners and cartridges.

Lower the waste in your office by thinking about what you could reuse. Instead of throwing it away when you think it’s neither us nor ornament think what it could be useful for. Everything can be reused in some way or another. Use packages from a delivery you’ve just received by using it for storing documents, archiving or even a waste paper tray box next to the printers and photocopiers.

There are many options when reusing ‘waste paper’. If a document only has been printed on one side of the paper then save it and use the other side for a rough copy or for jotting down notes or to-do lists on.

How to recycle in your office environment:

  1. Once you have purchased a Green Warehouse uBin you can recycle anything from: cardboard, paper, glass and plastic
  2. Send notes to people through email and not on post-it notes and paper. This will reduce the paper you use in your office
  3. Have a scrap paper draw next to the printers so you can reuse paper instead of starting a new pack of paper
  4. Have a paper recycling bin next to the photocopiers and printers in your office so employees have no reason to put their unwanted work in the general waste bin under their desk
  5. Use scrap paper for memos or notes to colleagues
  6. Arrange a collection for your recycled waste to be collected. There are a lot of recycling sites and businesses in the Rochdale area that will be able to collect any amount of waste and recycle it for your business
  7. Some suppliers take the packaging off you for free so they can dispose of it for you themselves in a safe, environmentally friendly way
  8. Use mugs and glasses to drink from instead of supplying a coffee machine with plastic or cardboard cups
  9. When your office furniture is looking like it needs a lick of paint then do so? There isn’t any point in purchasing new office furniture when it is in perfectly good condition. If you think you could do with some new office furniture then arrange a recycling company in your area to take it off your hands
  10. Ask suppliers to reduce their packaging when sending you samples

Recycling is very beneficial. Start by purchasing your uBin from Office Supplies Now today.


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